Lagenlook Style



LV Clothing is the leading UK supplier for lagenlook clothes. Here at LV Clothing we are dedicated to making sure your stock looks great with a huge selection of the latest styles. All of our lagenlook stock compliments each other and its popularity is down to its adaptability, the clothes are designed to add layers for added warmth in the winter and eliminate those layers in the spring/summer months.  

Lagenlook is actually originated from the German word "layered" and means layered clothing. Lagenlook is a European style of clothing designed to suit anyone of any shape, size and age. You will usually find most people who go for the lagenlook style are the ones who want to put their own stamp on their fashion style. The beauty with lagenlook is that it lets you create a unique look and can be as layered or as simple as you want it to be. 

Your customer will look great and feel amazing when they try our lagenlook clothing uk on and you won’t need to worry about sizes because the nature of our clothing means it is generally available in just one size making any shopping experience simple and enjoyable. The biggest misconception about lagenlook is that it’s designed to hide the figure, we think it’s more about how celebrating creativity and using a unique silhouette as a canvas to blend colours, texture and fabrics in a way that expresses an individuals style.